The team of professionals working at Pharma International has over 20 years of solid experience in the pharmaceutical industry, in the areas of import management and quality, allowing us to offer customers an excellent service and the speed and flexibility that the supply of medicinal treatment requires.



We work hard to establish the highest standards of quality, safety and value throughout the entire process, from the moment of ordering the medicine right through to delivery to the hospital for administration to the patient.


We focus on constantly improving our work, measuring the results and ensuring quality at every stage in the process. We are strongly convinced that our success as a firm is the result of our teamwork and our eagerness to fulfil our customers’ needs.


We are strongly committed to people, their health and their welfare. We are particularly sensitive to the needs of patients with rare diseases and their families; patients in special situations and people who have been unable to find solutions for their condition with medicines registered in Spain. We are aware of the importance of our contribution to their treatment and channel all our efforts towards achieving that goal.

Sara Diez

Manager / Director
Business Development


Hortensia Peleteiro



Paula Rubio

Providers Manager


Enrique Velasco

Key Account Manager