We have the financial resources to support small distributors and laboratories with the introduction of their medicines.

For laboratories, we can take care of the process of product presentation and negotiation with the AEMPs required to register their medicines in Spain.

We are committed to creating strong partnerships with domestic and international laboratories, so that together we can improve access to disease treatment and prevention in Spain. We also work with healthcare professionals and patients’ associations to speed up imports of medicines at experimental phase.


Our storage facilities meet good distribution practice (GDP) standards and have been authorised by the competent authorities.

Medicines are stored in ideal temperature conditions, controlled by sensors:

Chamber for refrigerated products (2ºC – 8ºC) with sensor-based temperature range control

Freezer (–10 to –45ºC).

Medicines that need to be stored at room temperature are kept under pre-established humidity conditions at temperatures not exceeding 25ºC.

Temperature mapping is performed at different stages of the year

24/7 warehouse alarm and controlled access system connected to the Technical Office.

Quarantine areas and destruction zone for expired, returned, damaged or defective medicines.


Over 30 years’ experience distributing medicines nationwide

We only work with audited, homologated and validated transport companies that meet GDP standards

Temperature control

Cold chain control

Proper packaging and labelling



We follow good pharmacovigilance practices (GVP).

We have a pharmacovigilance system that allows us to meet all our responsibilities and obligations with respect to patients and the medicines we distribute.

Pharma International has a specially-appointed pharmacovigilance officer.

tfs: +34 915 635 856 (ext.2005)

+34 634 941 272


Experts in distribution of medicines in special situations.

We provide continuation of treatments.

Storage, distribution and pharmacovigilance.

Committed to providing access to treatment of rare diseases.